Jual High Voltage Insulation Testers KEW 3123A


High Voltage Insulation Testers

KEW 3123A

KEW 3123A
• Rugged design with a hard carrying case for field use
• Detachable High Voltage Line probe
• Automatic ranges, high and low scales, indicated by different LED's
• Drip proof

Insulation Resistance

DC Test Voltage 5000/10000V
Measuring ranges
(automatic change)
5GΩ/200GΩ (Auto-ranging) (5000V)
10GΩ/400GΩ (Auto-ranging) (10000V)
First effective measuring range 0.2 - 100GΩ (5000V)
0.4 - 200GΩ (10000V)
Accuracy ± 5% rdg
Other ranges accuracy ±10% rdg or 0.5% of scale length


Power source R6 (AA) (1.5V) × 8
Dimensions 200 (L) × 140 (W) × 80 (D) mm
Weight approx. 1kg
Included Accessories 7165A (Line probe) (3m)
7224A (Earth cord) (1.5m)
7225A (Guard code) (1.5m)
8019 (Hook type prod)
9158 (Hard case)
R6 (AA) × 8
Instruction manual
Optional Accessories 7168A
(Line probe with aligator clip)
8324 (Adaptor for recorder)
7253 (Longer Line probe with alligator clip) (15m)