Jual High Voltage Insulation Testers MODEL 3124


High Voltage Insulation Testers

MODEL 3124

MODEL 3124
• Permits a wide range of insulation testing up to 100GΩ at variable test voltage from 1kV to 10kV.
• DC voltage output for recorders.
• Output voltage is shown on the digital display.
• After tests, automatically discharges the charges stored in the circuit under test.
• Operated by rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium batteries.

Insulation Resistance

DC Test Voltage 1k - 10kV variable / 1000V
Measuring ranges
(automatic change)
1.6GΩ/100GΩ (autoranging) (1k - 10kV variable)
100MΩ (1000V)
First effective measuring range 0.05 - 50GΩ (1k - 10kV variable)
1 - 100MΩ (1000V)
Accuracy ±10% rdg
Other ranges accuracy ±1% of scale length
Output voltage and set voltage indicate DC 0 - 10kV


Power source Ni-Cd rechargeable battery (1.2V) × 8
Dimensions 200(L) × 140(W) × 80(D)mm
Weight 1.5kg approx.
Included Accessories 7082 (Lead for recorder)
7083 (Lead for battery charging)
7084 (Earth and guard leads)
8075 (120V) or 8080 (220V) (Battery charger)
9176 (Carrying case [Hard])
Ni-Cd rechargeable battery × 8
Instruction Manual